FOREST MANAGEMENT PLAN:  Timber is a renewable natural resource. As such it should be properly managed to ensure it is maintained in a healthy and vigorous condition.
  • The first step in properly managing forestland is to develop a Forest Management Plan (FMP).
  • The 1990 Farm Bill authorized the Forest Stewardship Program (FSP).
  • The FSP is administered through the Kentucky Division of Forestry (KDF).
  • After determining your personal goals and objectives, a plan can be developed considering proper forest management, wildlife habitat improvement, forest watershed management, forest recreation and aesthetics.
  • The plan may be a FSP, which the KDF can write at no charge if you own 10 or more acres of woodlands. I can provide a more comprehensive and detailed FMP if your goals and objectives cannot be met with a FSP.
  • Cost-share assistance in implementing the FSP or a more comprehensive FMP may be available through a variety of state programs.
  • The 2008 Farm Bill authorizes USDA Technical Service Providers (TSPs) to write Forest Management Plans under the Conservation Activity Plan (CAP) 106 practice to landowners who qualify to participate in the program. The Bill further authorizes payments of up to 75% for the development of the CAP.

TIMBER APPRAISALS:  It is important to know and understand the value of your timber asset.

  • A timber appraisal is an estimate of the standing timber value, which is accomplished through a timber inventory/cruise.
  • Timber inventories and appraisals are useful in determining your land (timber) basis, the quality and value of your timber asset, estate planning, carbon sequestration and projecting possible income from timber sales.
TIMBER SALES:  As your Consultant Forester, I will represent you throughout the process of selling and harvesting your timber.
  • After determining the best type of timber harvest to meet your objectives, the trees to be removed will be either individually selected and marked with paint or the woodlands will be cruised using sample plots to determine the species and volumes to be harvested.
  • Each tree is measured, volumes are calculated by species, and a range of value is determined.
  • After we have discussed and finalized the terms of the sale, a “Notice of Sale” will be prepared and forwarded to potential buyers. The “Notice of Sale” will be posted on the appropriate web sites. After the bids have been opened, a contract will be awarded to the high bidder, provided the bid meets or exceeds the minimum acceptable bid, which is based on the prevailing timber market.
  • After the contract has been awarded, I will coordinate with the Kentucky Division of Forestry and oversee the harvesting operation to ensure compliance with the terms of the timber harvesting contract.
TIMBER TRESPASS APPRAISALS:  Should your timber be cut without your authorization either intentionally or by accident, you may recover the value of the timber at the rate of three times the value (triple damages).  I can appraise the value of the timber that has been cut and provide expert witness testimony if necessary.
ArcGIS MAPPING:  ArcGIS mapping software uses geographic information system (GIS) data to provide the capability of generating property maps that are geographically referenced to the earth’s surface.
  • The mapping software works in conjunction with a global positioning system (GPS) that is used to identify the location and features of forest woodlots and timber sale boundaries.
  • The data can be used to prepare maps necessary for implementing forest management plans and for the administration of timber sales as well as other land uses.